England vs Canada ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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Broadcast from 2007 March 13 to April 28

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England vs Canada ICC World Cup Cricket Match 2007

Group C, Match 3, ENG vs CAN: England beat Canada by 51 runs

England Cricket team Canada Cricket team Put in to bat by Canada John Davison, England finished at 279 for six in their stipulated 50 overs in their Group C encounter at St Lucia on Sunday.
A fine batting effort by Paul Collingwood, who remained unbeaten on 62, and some useful contributions by Bopara and Nixon ensured that England reach to a respectable total in their must win game. Earlier, England openers Ed Joyce and Michael Vaughan gave England just the start they needed with a solid 101-run partnership and set the perfect launchpad for further onslaught.
Reported Earlier: Canada John Davison won the toss and stuck England into bat, hoping to take advantage of some early movement in their Group C encounter at St Lucia on Sunday.
Andrew Flintoff has been omitted from the playing XI after a breach of team discipline. Ravi Bopara has come in place of him. Michael Vaughan was very tight-lipped about the situation at the toss. England Team: EC Joyce, MP Vaughan, IR Bell, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, RS Bopara, JWM Dalrymple, PA Nixon, LE Plunkett, JM Anderson, MS Panesar.
Canada Team: GEF Barnett, AM Samad, A Bagai, IS Billcliff, JM Davison, DR Chumney, AA Mulla, S Dhaniram, A Codrington, U Bhatti, AC Cummins.
Group C, Match 3: England: 279-6 ( 50.0 overs ) beat Canada: 228-7 ( 50.0 overs ) by 51 runs

England vs Canada Scoreboard - ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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Canada won the toss and decided to field
279 for 6 (50.0 overs)
228 for 7 (50.0 overs)

England Innings
E C Joyce
b S Dhaniram
103 4 1
M P Vaughan c J M Davison b A M Samad
64 7 0
I R Bell c G R Codrington b S Dhaniram
44 1 0
K P Pietersen c and b S Dhaniram
4 1 0
P D Collingwood not out
48 4 1
R S Bopara
b G R Codrington
30 4 0
J W M Dalrymple c A Bagai b A C Cummins
4 0 0
P A Nixon not out
8 4 1
5nb 8w 4b 2lb 19
for 6 279 (50.0 ovs)

A C Cummins 7.0 0 58 1
U Bhatti 7.5 0 41 0
J M Davison 10.0 1 32 0
A M Samad 5.1 0 31 1
G R Codrington 10.0 0 70 1
S Dhaniram 10.0 0 41 3
Fall of wicket
101 M P Vaughan
153 I R Bell
160 E C Joyce
161 K P Pietersen
242 R S Bopara
245 J W M Dalrymple

Canada Innings
J M Davison c I R Bell b J M Anderson
26 4 0
G E F Barnett
b L E Plunkett
7 1 0
A Bagai c K P Pietersen b L E Plunkett
11 1 0
I S Billcliff
b R S Bopara
40 2 1
A M Samad lbw b M S Panesar
69 1 1
A A Mulla st P A Nixon b R S Bopara
58 7 1
D R Chumney not out
51 0 1
S Dhaniram run out
33 3 0
G R Codrington not out
8 1 0
3nb 11w 2lb 16
for 7 228 (50.0 ovs)

J M Anderson 10.0 1 40 1
L E Plunkett 9.0 0 46 2
M S Panesar 10.0 1 34 1
R S Bopara 9.0 0 43 2
P D Collingwood 9.0 0 42 0
J W M Dalrymple 3.0 0 21 0
Fall of wicket
8 G E F Barnett
22 A Bagai
51 J M Davison
65 I S Billcliff
161 A A Mulla
161 A M Samad
217 S Dhaniram

Umpires: B R Doctrove, P D Parker
Canada: G E F Barnett, A M Samad, A Bagai, J M Davison, I S Billcliff, D R Chumney, A A Mulla, S Dhaniram, G R Codrington, U Bhatti, A C Cummins
England: M P Vaughan, E C Joyce, I R Bell, K P Pietersen, P D Collingwood, R S Bopara, J W M Dalrymple, P A Nixon, L E Plunkett, J M Anderson, M S Panesar

Editor: Nishanth Gopinathan.