Australia vs England Warm UP Match ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

ICC World Cup Cricket Match 2007

Australia vs England Warm UP Match

AUS vs ENG Warm-Up: Australia beat England by 5 wickets

Australia clinched their second warm up game against England by five wickets in St Vincent.
Set to chase 198 by England, the Australians reached 200 for 5 in 40.5 overs. The win was set up on a century stand of 140 between Adam Gilchrist (72) and Shane Watson (55), not until the world champions, slipped to a minor batting collapse to be at 193 for 5. Although the target was achieved with 55 balls to spare, the Aussies failed to finish off in style despite the glorious start given by their openers.
Pre-Match Report: Australia go into Fridays warm up match against England with an uncertain bowling line up as captain Ricky Ponting remains unsure of who his best bowlers would be for the crucial fixture. "If we are not convinced on what our best XI is, then we may have to give six or seven bowlers seven or eight overs each," said Ponting on the eve of the England match. "We have one good win against Zimbabwe under our belt, hopefully there'll be another Friday," the Aussie skipper said. Australian bowlers appeared ineffective against Zimbabwe despite winning the match by 106 runs.
What was noticeable is that Zimbabwe resisted the Australian bowlers through the 50 overs and ensured they were not bowled out. Australias preparations have been hit by injuries to key players while a few top batsmen appear to have lost form. The Zimbabwe win may well have relieved the Australian camp a bit after their previous five games had resulted in defeats, including an embarrassing 3-0 whitewash to New Zealand and a 2-0 surrender to England in the CB Series finals at home.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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All World Cup Cricket matches in West Indies start at 09:30 local time (14:30GMT). The first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 will be played on March 13, 2007 at Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica, between the host West Indies and Pakistan.

Australia vs England, Warm UP Match, Scorecard

England won the toss and decided to bat
197 all out (48.3 overs)
200 for 5 (40.5 overs)

England Innings
E C Joyce lbw b S W Tait
7 1 0
M P Vaughan c S R Watson b G B Hogg
73 7 0
I R Bell st A C Gilchrist b G B Hogg
79 6 0
K P Pietersen c G B Hogg b S W Tait
9 0 0
P D Collingwood c G B Hogg b N W Bracken
37 1 0
A Flintoff c M G Johnson b S R Clark
31 0 0
J W M Dalrymple not out
19 0 0
P A Nixon c A C Gilchrist b S R Clark
16 0 0
L E Plunkett
b S R Clark
5 0 0
S I Mahmood
b S W Tait
7 0 0
J Lewis
b S W Tait
9 1 0
1nb 9w 4b 4lb 18
all out 197 (48.3 ovs)

N W Bracken 10.0 1 39 1
S W Tait 8.3 0 33 4
G D McGrath 4.0 1 13 0
M G Johnson 2.0 0 20 0
S R Watson 4.0 0 20 0
G B Hogg 10.0 1 28 2
M J Clarke 4.0 0 20 0
S R Clark 6.0 0 16 3
Fall of wicket
6 E C Joyce
122 I R Bell
131 M P Vaughan
131 K P Pietersen
167 A Flintoff
168 P D Collingwood
182 P A Nixon
183 L E Plunkett
189 S I Mahmood
197 J Lewis

Australia Innings
A C Gilchrist c P A Nixon b S I Mahmood
82 6 1
S R Watson c K P Pietersen b M S Panesar
68 7 1
R T Ponting
b J W M Dalrymple
23 0 0
M J Clarke not out
42 2 0
B J Hodge c and b P D Collingwood
33 1 0
M E K Hussey
b J Lewis
2 0 0
B J Haddin not out
4 0 1
9nb 12w 1lb 22
for 5 200 (40.5 ovs)

J M Anderson 7.0 0 39 0
J Lewis 5.0 0 29 1
L E Plunkett 4.0 0 28 0
J W M Dalrymple 6.0 0 25 1
P D Collingwood 2.5 0 15 1
A Flintoff 7.0 0 25 0
S I Mahmood 3.0 0 22 1
M S Panesar 6.0 0 16 1
Fall of wicket
140 S R Watson
142 A C Gilchrist
156 R T Ponting
191 B J Hodge
193 M E K Hussey

Umpires: A L Hill, N Malcolm
Australia: A C Gilchrist, S R Watson, B J Haddin, R T Ponting, B J Hodge, M J Clarke, M E K Hussey, G B Hogg, S R Clark, M G Johnson, N W Bracken, G D McGrath (sub), S W Tait
England: E C Joyce, M P Vaughan, I R Bell, K P Pietersen, P D Collingwood, A Flintoff, J W M Dalrymple, P A Nixon, L E Plunkett, S I Mahmood, J Lewis, J M Anderson (sub), M S Panesar

Editor: Nishanth Gopinathan.